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Le V Lingerie & Swimwear Blog

Estimatedly 12 visitors surf elegantv.blogspot.com each day with almost 2.34 pages viewed by populace on average as of June, 2017 [1].

Greater number of surfers have done college/higher education, doctorate degrees & secondary schooling, anticipatedly mostly male, earning roughly 10k - 30k, 60k - 100k & 0 - 10k while surfing from school/college, restaurant & home.

India (35.73%), United States (27.65%), United Kingdom (11.6%), Nigeria (8.26%) & Brazil (8.06%) are most traffic contributing countries, potentially sending roughly 91.3% of total surfers [2].

$0.38 per day could be earned from elegantv.blogspot.com and can be bought for $138 [3]. It is 9 years 4 months 5 days old blog.

lingerie-and-swimwear.blogspot.com, coolmodel.blogspot.com and lingerie-swimware.blogspot.com are most related to it as all of them are mostly weaved on keywords like reason, celebrity, lingerie, sized and buy.

However, often visitors may make a mistake and goto wlegantv, eoegantv and elefantv instead elegantv.blogspot.com due to very related domain names.

elegantv.blogspot.com Blog Profile

Blogger seems to be posting too little as illustrated by his performance level of 0.86 posts/year, thus blogger seems to be not much interested in blogging.

URL elegantv
Blog Age 9 years 4 months 5 days
Total Blog Posts 8
Blog Start Date July 13, 2007, 3:42 am
Post Frequency/Year 0.86

elegantv.blogspot.com's Posts

Below given are the blog posts of elegantv.blogspot.com updated until June, 2017:

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  8. Le V Lingerie & Swimwear Blog: Having big boobs(not fake ones!) and finding lingerie to fit

elegantv.blogspot.com User Involvement

Every month expectedly 376 visits explore elegantv.blogspot.com. Each of them surfs 2.34 pages on average per month. This pronounces that it is a site known only by few people.

During June, 2017 there was potential to attract 376 visitors.

Monthly Visitors 376
Monthly Pageviews 880
Avg. Time on Site 01:06 minutes
Engagement 2.34 pages/user

Hints to Increase Engagement

elegantv.blogspot.com Revenue Estimation

Our experience shows this site webmaster could have earned $11 during June, 2017. With India (having $1.6k per capita income), United States (having $55.8k per capita income) and United Kingdom (having $43.8k per capita income), contributing toward larger share of traffic, the earning potential of elegantv.blogspot.com is marvelous. All in all this site can be sold for $138.

Net Value $138
Daily Earnings $0.38

elegantv.blogspot.com Web Footprint

Watch the index and backlinks count in major search engines. WayBack Machine can expose how this site looked in past.

Visitor Profile of elegantv.blogspot.com

People from richer countries visiting means more purchasing power and greater advertising revenues. During June, 2017 elegantv.blogspot.com has been visited by 35.73% India (avg income $1.6k), 27.65% United States (avg income $55.8k) and 11.6% United Kingdom (avg income $43.8k).

Country Monthly Visitors Monthly Pageviews Per Capita Income
India 99 232 $1.6k
United States 76 179 $55.8k
United Kingdom 32 75 $43.8k
Nigeria 22 53 $2.7k
Brazil 22 52 $8.7k
Turkey 12 28 $9.4k
Philippines 11 27 $2.9k

elegantv.blogspot.com Keyword Map

Keyword profile of elegantv.blogspot.com demonstrates it is based upon low value keywords. Considerable keyword price can gross bigger revenues.

Keyword Expected Cost Expected Visitors
lingerie $0.95 276
swimwear $0.96 277
blog $1.41 503
skip $1.42 504
main $1.43 505
sidebar $1.07 281
tuesday $1.08 282
june $1.46 508
ready $1.3 509
summer $1.19 285

Ethnic Group

Browser profile of elegantv.blogspot.com primarily consists of Caucasian people which are people with Europid ancestry particularly eminent in US, Russia, Brazil & UK, contributing (24% or about 90 visitors) during June, 2017, along with fair share of Ethnic groups like African (18%, about 67 visits) and Hispanic (14%, roughly 52 people).

Ethnic Groups Potential Percentage Expected Visitors
African 18% 67
African American 12% 45
Asian 5% 18
Caucasian 24% 90
Hispanic 14% 52
Middle Eastern 2% 7

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